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The Reticule Enhancement Module (T-bar) 3GD is to be used as a back up to the Green Dot Ring Sight. Try to rely on the Original Sight when possible.

The Reticule Enhancement Module 3GD (REM T3GD) fixes the problem that is inherent in the Green Dot Ring Sight. We all know in certain low light conditions the Ring Sight looses its sight picture. When that happens just turn on the REM T3GD and you will get a sharp Green Dot sight picture.

The REM T3GD Illuminates the Green Dot Fiber Optic via a White LED that is attached to the underside of the Ring Sight. There needs to be minor drilling and gluing to affix the T3GD to the Sight.

It has 11 illumination settings so the Green Dot can be seen outdoors in daylight (on its brightest setting) or in total darkness (on its lowest setting). The REM T3GD fits in the sling well just under the Ring Sight. It is ambidextrous so it can be mounted on the left or right side of the rifle.

The REM T3GD uses TWO CR2016 3 volt battery.
Since we did not make the Rheostats...
The REM T3GD has a 1 YEAR Warranty. I will replace it if it fails due to a manufacturing problem. (I will have to examine it first to make sure there wasn't some other factor that caused the failure). You just pay for the shipping ($5.00). If after 1 year a manufacturing problem should occur... contact me and I will see what I can do for you.

The REM T3GD comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with it, please send it back to me and I will give you a full refund. (You just pay the shipping)

The electrical wire will have a metal wire in it so it can be positioned out of your line of sight.


The Green Dot reticule sight needs the LED to be permanently attached to the underside. View the process here:

There needs to be a minor operation on the GD sight in order to expose the Fiber Optic and to attach the LED.

You will need a Dremel and use a 3mm tool to drill a hole in the Base Plate.

1) Pry off the bottom base plate with a screwdriver. Go along the entire edge first to break the glue adhesive. Then lift up the 4 prongs (2 on each side) to continue separating the adhesive. The Plate will eventually pry off.

2) Use the 3mm dremel bit and drill a hole in the middle of the back plastic round ring (closest to the 2 holes)

3) Widen the hole at the top of the round ring so that the top of the LED is flush with the top of the plastic ring.

4) Dremel a notch in the very back of the Base Plate so the wire will fit in the notch.

4) See where the Fiber Optic is placed and expand the hole if you need to so that the Fiber Optic is directly under the hole. Replace the Base Plate back onto the Ring Sight then Place the LED in the hole and epoxy (Use Loctite Metal/concrete) it in place and also epoxy the wire into the notch. (WARNING Do not drill the base plate while it is still attached to the Ring Sight. You may damage the Fiber Optic.)

5) You will have to hold the LED in place with an exacto knife for 10 to 15 minutes. You may have to hold the LED in place a few more minutes if the epoxy has not solidified enough.

6) After 10 to 15 minutes pull out the knife and then use the back flat part of the knife to hold the LED in place until the epoxy solidifies. (another 5 minutes)

7) Let the epoxy dry for another hour before you do anything else.

8) Turn on the T3GD and check for any light leakage through the epoxy. If so you can put some black paint on that area to cover the leakage.

9) Carefully bend the LED wire to the side of the Ring Sight you desire.

10) Attach the REM T3GD to the rifle and re-attach your Ring Sight.

Congratulations! You NOW have an Illuminated Ring Sight!

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